Ever heard of an active rest day? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you should read on and get some ideas.

You sure know about your regular rest day during the week. I like to take mine on Sundays since I don’t have anywhere to be on most of those days. Then there are the active rest days. Those days where your muscles can rest from your regular workout, but they get a different workout, which does not have anything to do, with running on a treadmill or lifting weights.

Your muscles need to repair, and they can only do so if you have rest days. Active rest is best for those days, when you don’t feel like doing your regular workout or you, usually, take 2 days off from exercise then use one of these days for your active rest.

I gathered some ideas of what you can do on your active rest days.



It is a good way of burning calories, being outdoors, getting oxygen and letting your mind rest. But pace yourself. You should not feel sore and burned out after your hike because that can actually do more harm than good. So walk in a pace where you are still able to talk but get your heart rate up a bit.



Hit a pool either at home or near you and go for a swim. Swimming due to weightlessness is good for your joints, it engages the core and cardiovascular system.



I really good stretch after days of working out, can do your body good. It lengthens and strengthens your core and muscles and gives you a great range of motion because of the mobility work you are going through.



Go for a long walk with your dog or someone you like. Walking is a great way to recover your mind and body.


Self- Myofascial Release: (SMR):

This is one thing you should actually do every day. This method increases your range of motion as well as it helps with overactive muscles. Use a foam roller, or a tennis ball.


Now go for an active rest day and tell me how you feel afterwards.


Keep sweating with a bit of glitter.


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