It’s getting cold and wet outside. Perfect season to get a cold.

A few tips on how to avoid a cold, are as follows:

1. Wash your hands often
2. Eat Vitamin C rich foods, like oranges and Kiwi
3. Wear appropriate clothing
4. Get 1 hour of fresh air daily
5. Don’t skip your workouts
6. Wear socks and avoid getting cold feet

If you have done the above but can’t stay away from sick kids, because they are yours and you have to care for them, or you have not been fast enough, to get out of the way, when your colleague sneezed, then you might have caught a cold and need to get fit ASAP!

Here are some tips on how to beat your cold fast:

1. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C and zinc, they are your main source of anti-cold helpers (Bananas, Oranges, Blueberries …)
2. Eat green foods, like spinach and Kale
3. Stay warm, put some nice warm clothes on and wear those socks baby, nothing worse than cold feet
4. Take a hot shower (avoid if you run a fever) or bath
5. Put your head over a bowl with hot water and cover with a towel, that will clean out your stuffy nose
6. Cut onion into rings, put them on a plate, 2-3 tablespoons of brown sugar on top, cover with another plate, wait a few hours, then drink the onion juice, it’s sooo good if you have a cough
7. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water, soup and tea

Those tips should get you right back on your feet. Now stay warm, and healthy.

Keep on sweating with a bit of glitter.