This is going to be a rather practical post on the most basic nutrition for everyone, but especially for those who are working out and just need to work on their diet a bit.

Do you know the feeling of working out every day, sweating like crazy and having sore muscles the next day, but not losing lbs? Yes, me too. But there is an easy solution to that problem. It’s your diet.

Most people don’t really know what and when to eat. The first thing that you should know is that carbohydrates, short carbs are your friends. You need carbs more than anything else. So stop with the hate of bread, potatoes and pasta. You can eat all of these things, in moderation like everything but eat carbs. They are the main source of fuel for your body.  Think legumes, peas, fruits, and dairy products.

Your body converts most dietary carbohydrates to glucose, which is a simple sugar compound. The glucose is what we find in circulation, providing a good source of energy for cells and tissues.

So your total carbohydrate intake should be around 45-65% each day, (at least 130 g). Try to think about what you ate today and see if your carbohydrate intake was enough.

Now how about those fats (called lipids), that a lot of us try to avoid as if someone was running behind us with a hot pan, ready to burn your tush?

They are like Carbohydrates a major fuel source for your body. Fats contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They provide structure for body cells, carrying fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and providing the starting material for making hormones.

You find fats in oils we cook with or add to our food, they are in meats and dairy products and some plant sources. Really good fat sources are coconut, olives and avocados.

Your total daily intake for fats/lipids should be around 20-35%. Did you eat too much or not enough today?

Not only should you choose your workout wisely everyday and  look for variety, but do the same in your diet. Variety and balance is key. Eat 5 small meals everyday and replenish after every workout. Drink lots of water as this is what your body needs the most of. For more on how much and why you should drink water, you can read this post: Why do we need to drink so much water?


Now be mindful with your food choices and keep on sweating with a bit of glitter.