It’s the end of daylight saving time and that means that tonight we are going to turn back the clock for one hour.

Having one hour more this Sunday can mean an extra workout, an extra hour to prep for next week. There are so many possibilities like one more hour to sleep, eat or relax.

How about that new book you wanted to start reading, an extra hour to play with your kids or take a bath?

Do you prefer to be outside and go for a hike? Then be up early and use your time, it will be dark by 6 PM.

Need to catch up on your favorite TV show or just watch something new? Now is the time, with this extra hour, you are able to do more than any other weekend.

You should always use the time you have, be organized but don’t pressure yourself.

Start having the weekend you want and use your time.

Happy Sunday and keep on sweating with a little bit of glitter.