Jessy_200Ever since I can remember, I have been active in some kind of sport. I started out with skiing, horseback riding, volleyball, competitive swimming and gymnastics, and a lot of other activities. As I got older I got more goal oriented in my activities and shifted my focus towards achieving physical strength and an overall healthy body. My passion for fitness and nutrition led me to the point where I wanted to help others become healthier, more active and happier in their lives, too.

Our bodies are designed to move in certain ways. But in our society muscle imbalances are being developed, which for proper training and reaching your goals need to be addressed and corrected.
I believe if you listen to your body and educate yourself on the proper nutrition every one can have a long, happy and healthy life.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT with NASM), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES with NASM), and Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS with NASM).