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How to beat a cold

It’s getting cold and wet outside. Perfect season to get a cold. A few tips on how to avoid a cold, are as follows: 1. Wash your hands often 2. Eat Vitamin C rich foods, like oranges and Kiwi 3. Wear appropriate clothing 4. Get 1 hour of fresh air daily 5. Don’t skip your

Halloween workout Challenge!

Halloween is approaching fast you can already taste it. The sweetness of the candy apple, a Peanut Butter Cup or whatever your craving is. Since I am a firm believer of the every now and then candy, I say have 1-2 pieces and don’t feel guilty. With that being said, I want you to do

Greek Yogurt with Style!

For today’s post, I have another delicious recipe for you. When thinking about healthy food, we either come up with things that are fuelling and taste so so or we go blank and make something that’s rather enjoyable, but not all that healthy. Since “Abs” are mainly made in the kitchen, we should have nutritious,

Fall Workout Challenge!

It’s the first day of October and even tough the leaves have not yet changed color, at least where I live, it is fall. For this week's post, I have a little workout challenge for you and I want you to commit yourself to it and push through it. Here we go: 10 minutes walk/run 40